Geotechnical Consulting Services
AGS has developed as a leading exploration and production consultancy offering a broad range of experience in the upstream oil & gas industries. AGS’s studies range from basin evaluations of frontier plays to designing redevelopment programs for …
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Professional Manpower Supply
AGS is a leading provider of Consultant and professional Manpower Supply services to numerous national and international oil and gas companies in the region. We supply both upstream, midstream and downstream consultants to the projects and operations …

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Seismic Processing and Imaging
Alliance Geotechnical Services staff bring over 20 years experience in land, marine, shallow water and transition zone seismic data analysis and processing services to Southeast Asia.

AGS has both the tools and experience to solve a wide range of …

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Data Management
AGS is Southeast Asia’s largest supplier of Data Management Support Consulting Services. Our teams of Data Management Specialists are experienced in analyzing the technical dataflow of E&P teams and can help to develop data management strategies that are appropriate, easy …

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Application Support
AGS is Southeast Asia’s premier supplier of geotechnical support services. Our consultants specialize in GeoQuest, Landmark, IHS/SMT and most major third party application platforms, making us one of Southeast Asia’s largest cross-vendor support specialists. Read more

Hardware/IT Support
AGS and its partners have provided Hardware Sales and Support to many major E&P companies throughout the region. From direct hardware sales to yearly leasing programs, AGS can provide the system our clients require at terms that fit their business budget.
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Transcription / Digitization
AGS has three major tape and digitization centers established across the SE Asian region, and boasts an extensive inventory of tape, digitizing and scanning hardware. With a full complement of tape drives, tape cleaners, heaters and state-of-the-art processing software, AGS offers …
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