AGS has developed as a leading exploration and production consultancy offering a broad range of experience in the upstream oil & gas industries. AGS’s studies range from basin evaluations of frontier plays to designing redevelopment programs for mature fields. AGS has established a network of high quality geoscientists and engineers that are highly respected for successfully tackling the toughest reservoir-evaluation challenges in SE Asia.

AGS E&P Geoscience Staff bring extensive experience for the following services:

Reserve Evaluations, Estimations, and Audits
Economic Analysis
Oil and property Appraisals
In-depth Geological, Geophysical and Petrophysical Analysis
Reservoir and Simulation Studies
Integrated Field Studies
Secondary and Tertiary Recovery Studies
Reserves Analysis
Prospect Evaluation and Screening
Probabilistic Reserve Estimates
Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures
Risk Analysis
Operational Audits
Due Diligence

The Team

AGS is a Consortium of multi-disciplined Geoscience Professionals that specialize in the evaluation and appraisal of oil and gas reserves. The average experience level of our staff exceeds 27 years with major and independent oil company backgrounds with a majority or their experiences directly focused toward the Indonesian Oil and Gas Industry.

AGS use this diverse experience, melded with solid technical skills, to deliver a quality product to our clients in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Our Technological Approach
AGS is fully supported internally by our regional support infrastructure. Using state-of-the art workstation technology in conjunction with the industry’s leading geoscience software suites, AGS can supply a complete technical solution which includes:
Fully supported Unix workstations and PCs
Data scanning, digitizing and vectorizing capabilities
Full tape transcription laboratory
Seismic data processing
Geological / petrophysical and geophysical interpretation software technology
Integrated earth modeling hardware and software technology
Highly experienced support staff specializing in all major technology suites including Landmark, GeoQuest, Paradigm, and many 3rd party applications

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