AGS is Southeast Asia’s largest supplier of Data Management Support Consulting Services. Our teams of Data Management Specialists are experienced in analyzing the technical dataflow of E&P teams and can help to develop data management strategies that are appropriate, easy to maintain and directly applicable to our Client’s business requirements. Through AGS’s extensive team of specialists and associates, we provide the following services:

Full Geophysical and Geologic Data Loading Services
Support of Enterprise Geoscience Databases including OpenWorks, Petrel Studio, EP Catalogue and more.
Document Library Design and Cataloging Services
Corporate Dataflow Analysis, Database Mapping and Design
Corporate Database Policies and Procedures Development
Regulatory Framework Analysis and Policy Consulting (NOC/Government Level)
Managing Data Discovery and Transfer of Data Assets in Support of Asset Acquisitions and Mergers

Onsite / Offsite Data Loading and QAQC Services
AGS’s Data Management Centre offers Seismic and Well Data loading using many of the E &P leading application suites including Landmark, Schlumberger, SMT, Paradigm and others. AGS has numerous long-term contracts with both large and smaller IOC’s and NOCs in the region for these services. AGS is currently the largest consultancy in the region offering multi-vendor database QAQC and reconciliation services.

Project Data Consolidation and Migration
Many projects involve the consolidation of large amounts of project data, and/or the movement of data between major E&P application suite. AGS’s experience in managing most enterprise level data management projects means that our staff is able to efficiently deal with many of the issues arising from the complex integration of several technical computing departments.

Data Standardization and Validation

AGS has implemented both seismic and well data cleanup, validation and standardization projects for NOCs and IOCs throughout the region. Using industry best practices, AGS is able to not only provide these services to its clients but also able to advise its clients on the most suitable practices for validation and standardization at their facility. As the region’s largest provider for “neutral” data management services, AGS is particularly suited to validating geoscience data found in multi-vendor application databases and environments

Document Library Design and Cataloguing
Virtually every large IOC and NOC requires the cataloguing of both their onsite digital data assets as well as onsite and offsite non-digital assets. AGS has built alliances with some of the largest providers for library cataloguing solutions in the industry and has developed a local consulting base for the delivery of these services thought the region. The AGS cataloguing team brings extensive experience in data attribute analysis, metadata generation; file structure management and taxonomy, and can support some of the industry leading E&P cataloguing software including, E-Search, EP-Catalogue, iAsset and Sharepoint. In addition, AGS and its affiliates are able to develop and support customized platforms based on PPDM, WTSML and PRODML standards.

AGS is able to provide either remote offsite Data-room facilities at our data centre in Jakarta or mobile onsite data facilities at our client’s offices, depending on our client’s level of technical and logistical infrastructure.