AGS is currently one of the few companies in Indonesia offering Tape Media Copying, Tape Transcribing, Data Re-mastering, Data Archiving and Data Processing Services.
With a full compliment of tape drives, tape cleaners, ovens and state-of-the-art processing software, AGS can offer the following services to clients throughout Indonesia and Southeast Asia:

Offering Services
Media ConversionField TapeData RetrievalArchiving ServicesDocument Scanning
Media Conversion
Tape copying or tape conversions of the following media:

9 Track, 21 Track tapes (800, 1600, 3200, 6250 BPI)
3480, 3490, 3590, 3592 cartridges
DLT / SDLT, LTO cartridges
8mm Exabyte
4mm DAT cartridges

Field Tape
Field Tape reformatting, de-multiplexing or conversion of the following industry formats:

SEG-D (multiplex and de-multiplex)
Well Log (LAS, LIS and DLIS)
Western Atlas BIT
Other – client specific (industry proprietary or internal)

Data Retrieval
Tape Data Retrieval:

Alliance Geotech Solution’s team of experts has broad experience in data retrieval from magnetic tape media with stiction problems and minor tape oxide flaking. With custom designed tape heaters “ovens” and modified tape cleaners, we have a high rate of data retrieval success from problem tapes.

Archiving Services
Tape and Data Archival Services:

Alliance Geotech Solutions is a proud partner of PT. Lambda Multi Dinamika “Lambda”, with over 2000 square meters of temperature and humidity controlled storage space with 24/7 security.

Numerous multinational oil companies use Lambda as their primary storage provider for:

All tape media
Mylar, film and microfiche
Paper sections and maps
Well logs
Well cores
Financial and administrative documents
Industrial and commercial equipment

Document Scanning
Document Scanning Services:

Using HP and Kodak scanning technology and state-of-the art software, Alliance Geotech Solutions and its Partners can scan and digitize most data types and sizes:

A3-B5 (B&W and Color)
A0 (Long and Short)
Geoscience Maps
Seismic Sections (SEGY or alternate output formats)
Well Logs